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Welcome to NorCal Erosion Control, Sacramento County’s premier environmental solutions provider. 

We bring 23 years of passion and expertise to every project, ensuring top-quality results that meet our clients’ environmental needs.

Our local founders are committed to sustainability, offering specialized services designed to protect, enhance, and sustain the natural and developed environments. 

We provide erosion control services to Sacramento County, Yuba County, Placer County, Nevada County, El Dorado County, and Amador County. Besides these counties we do also serve the majority of Northern California. Please call us or fill out the free quote form to inquire about your area.

About Us: Founded on Local Expertise

At the heart of NorCal Erosion Control is a story of family, commitment, and a deep-rooted connection to Sacramento County. This personal connection fuels our mission to provide effective and sustainable solutions for erosion control, vegetation management, water conservation, and environmental protection..

Our Services

Erosion & Sediment Control

Tackling erosion and sediment deposition head-on, NorCal Erosion Control employs state-of-the-art erosion control blankets and innovative sediment barriers to stabilize soil and preserve the integrity of Sacramento landscapes. Our services, including construction site erosion control and soil stabilization techniques, meet the rigorous erosion control regulations in Sacramento, ensuring your project’s compliance and environmental safety.


Our hydroseed services in Sacramento offer a swift and efficient solution for seeding large areas, promoting robust vegetation growth. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, this method integrates perfectly with Sacramento’s diverse climates, ensuring a green, erosion-resistant landscape.


As a premier provider of hydromulching in Sacramento County, we specialize in applying a nutrient-rich slurry that accelerates seed germination and growth. This eco-friendly solution is perfect for creating lush landscapes, controlling erosion, and rehabilitating disturbed soils in both urban and rural settings.

Dust Control

Dust control is essential for maintaining air quality and minimizing health hazards in arid regions. Our comprehensive dust suppression services in Sacramento include water truck dust control, tailored to construction sites, agricultural areas, and unpaved roads, ensuring your operations are clean, safe, and compliant with local dust control regulations.

Street Sweeping

Maintaining the cleanliness and safety of Sacramento’s streets, our street sweeping services extend beyond mere aesthetics. We address urban storm water management by removing debris that could clog drainage systems, thus preventing water pollution and protecting local waterways.

Water Truck Service

Providing essential water truck services in Sacramento, we cater to a variety of needs such as construction water supply, landscape irrigation, and fire prevention measures. Our fleet is equipped for both potable and non-potable water delivery, ensuring flexibility and reliability for projects of any scale.

Storm Water Management

Our expertise in storm water management services in Sacramento encompasses the design and implementation of systems that effectively capture, treat, and reuse stormwater. From storm water retention basins to green infrastructure solutions, we help mitigate flood risks and enhance water quality, aligning with Sacramento County storm water regulations and sustainability goals.

Weed Abatement

Our comprehensive weed abatement services in Sacramento County are designed to manage invasive species, reduce fire hazards, and maintain the natural beauty of your property. From mechanical removal to eco-friendly herbicide application, we offer solutions that comply with weed abatement notices and support healthy, vibrant landscapes.

Why Choose NorCal Erosion

Local Roots

Our founders' lifelong connection to the area informs our deep understanding of its environmental needs and challenges.

Custom Solutions

We offer personalized services that address the unique requirements of each project, ensuring effective and sustainable outcomes.

Sustainability Commitment:

Our dedication to eco-friendly practices is evident in every service we provide, from erosion control to vegetation management.

Expert Team

Our professionals are not only highly skilled but also deeply passionate about protecting and enhancing our local environment.

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Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

Nothing speaks louder than the voices of our satisfied customers. Here’s what some of them have to say about their experiences with Sacramento Asphalt Sealing:

Taylor S.

“Choosing NorCal Erosion Control was the best decision for our project. Their local expertise and commitment to sustainability made a significant difference.”

Jordan M.

“The team’s passion for environmental care is evident in their work. Our property has never looked better, thanks to their hydroseeding service.”

Alex R.

“Their comprehensive approach to storm water management expertly addressed our site’s challenges, ensuring compliance and enhancing our property’s resilience.”

Freaquently Asked Questions

Our deep connections to Sacramento County enable us to design services that are specifically tailored to the area's unique environmental conditions and regulatory landscape, ensuring effective and compliant solutions.

Our leadership stems from our commitment to sustainability, our extensive local knowledge, and our innovative approach to each project, setting us apart in the field of environmental management.

Absolutely. Our team is equipped to manage projects of any size, offering the same level of expertise, dedication, and personalized service to each client, regardless of the project's scale.

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By leveraging our deep understanding of Sacramento County’s unique environmental challenges, NorCal Erosion Control provides specialized services that protect, enhance, and sustain your property. Contact us to learn how our expert team can support your project with innovative, compliant, and eco-friendly solutions.

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